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Southeast Asia has always been a critical part of the world trading system, even before the penetration of European interest. In recent times, the world has seen a significant rise in the Southeast Asian economy, and this is in no small part thanks to unpredictable players such as Laos and Philippines - both having experienced an impressive growth in their respective economies.

Boasting several of the world's emerging markets like Indonesia, newly industrialized countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and affluent developed economies such as Brunei and Singapore, the Southeast Asian region economy is widely considered to be immense and vibrant; perhaps second only to China. The economic activity is relatively concentrated, with four countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore - accounting for three-quarters of total region’s GDP nominal.

Southeast Asia has proven itself to be resilient to Europe's debt crisis and China's slowdown in 2012, with Malaysia and Philippine and Malaysian expansion surpassing estimates and Thai growth forecast accelerating. Regardless of the economic situation, we understand our clients' specific needs and provide them with on-the-ground insights into the core of the Southeast Asian market.

Market Research Southeast Asia uses the data obtained from hard-driven facts through our primary research methods, analyze actual market trends and industry perspectives as well as value chain partner opinions to subsequently derive marketing strategies and competitive intelligence for our clients to effectively compete in the Southeast Asian market. Our strong presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, philippines, Laos, Brunei, and Cambodia guarantees in-depth market research that is able to help your business gaining revenues in Southeast Asia market. We also deploy our market research team to Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei to find the best approach which will work in each market.

Market Research Southeast Asia is a leading B2B marketing strategy advisory firm, affiliated with Solidiance, entrusted to deliver better results in Southeast Asia. We provide B2B Southeast Asia market research and strategy recommendations to clients to help them grow their businesses. We have helped multinational clients understand the Southeast Asian economic landscape by delivering comprehensive market entry and growth strategy services.

We are well-known to be very hands-on and we get our hands dirty in the marketplace so that we can interpret, analyze, and strategize based on solid Southeast Asia Market Intelligence. This approach has earned us many client recommendations and a repeat engagement rate over 90%.

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Regional Expansion Strategy for a Global Flat Glass Manufacturer

Building the right strategy for a global flat glass manufacturer to expand business in the Southeast Asia region.


Our Success Stories

Diesel Oil Storage Terminal Feasibility Study & Market Assessment in Myanmar

Conducting feasibility study for Asian conglomerate to build diesel oil storage facility in Thilawa Port.

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Market Research Southeast Asia Client
"During the course of the process, I found the team highly capable to support Toyota to better understand ASEAN countries. We usually work with Japanese consulting company and from their report, we can be a “book smart” but can’t have a clear picture of what’s going on in the real market. The project with the Southeast Asia consultants brought us “real market experience”. Their consultants got their hands dirty in the marketplace with me. This approach enabled me to understand critical consumer insights behind data. I found it very valuable experience. Thank you very much."

Global Insights Manager

Our Client, Toyota


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