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Identify new investment opportunities in the surging private equity and investment markets across Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Private Equity Consulting Firm
Southeast Asia Private Equity & Investment Consulting
The region presents extensive wealth opportunities for investors. Private equity and venture capital investors are starting to take an increased interest in Southeast Asia. Fundraising for the private equity and also venture capital industry in the region are expanding and hit new records.

In the first half of 2019, the six key nations were recorded to have raised approximately US$500 million funds. There are around 17 venture capital funds focused on the ASEAN raised US$900 million in 2018. Furthermore, private investors particularly show a strong interest for early stage startup funds, with an increased total number of funds to 29% in 2018.

Market Research Southeast Asia is dedicated to help clients to succeed in the region's private equity and investment industry. We provide advisory services across various areas such as portfolio and performance management, M&A strategies and exit support for clients to capture investment opportunities and achieve steady growth in the market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Southeast Asia Market Intelligence

Based on our first-hand experiences, we manage to provide practical marketplace insight for our clients to help them foreseeing possible changes in market demands and competitive threats.

Southeast Asia Market Entry

We measure actionable options with the goal to reduce financial uncertainty for clients by giving data regarding customers, channels, partners, suppliers competitors, and many more.

Southeast Asia Competitive Intelligence

We examine Southeast Asian market competition and gain insights from best operations to cut down costly omissions and reinventions. We make sure to give strategic advantage for clients from the discovery of untapped and unseen market opportunities.

Southeast Asia Customer Intelligence

Our expert team will provide analysis on buyers' persona to see their behavior, demographics as well as buying trends in order to give important inputs for the creation of new products.

Our Success Stories

Regional Expansion Strategy for a Global Flat Glass Manufacturer

Building the right strategy for a global flat glass manufacturer to expand business in the Southeast Asia region.


Our Success Stories

Diesel Oil Storage Terminal Feasibility Study & Market Assessment in Myanmar

Conducting feasibility study for Asian conglomerate to build diesel oil storage facility in Thilawa Port.



Going Forward to Full Economic Rebound with COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts
Southeast Asia: Going Forward to Full Economic Rebound with COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts

After a significant crisis in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian Development Bank projected Southeast Asia would recover in 2021.

Thailand Due to COVID 19
Thailand Issues 1.9 Trillion Baht Stimulus Package

The Thai government has issued its third stimulus package in April, worth 1.9 trillion baht (USD 58 billion), aimed to mitigate the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

myanmar economic relief plan
Myanmar Introduces COVID-19 Economic Relief Plan

Myanmar launched its CERP on April 29, implementing new measures and response plans starting from monetary reforms, increasing government spending to strengthening Myanmar’s healthcare system.

thailands economy during the pro junta period
Thailand's Economy During the Pro-Junta Period

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia. The country has a high level of human development and is considered a newly industrialized economy.

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