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Seize the broad opportunities in the large Southeast Asian consumer markets.

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FMCG Consulting Firm in Southeast Asia
The region holds a large consumer market. It has more than 650 million population and fast growing wealth to becoming economic superpower. By 2017, combined regional GDP had reached US$2.8 trillion, making it the third largest economy in Asia and sixth largest globally. Economic growth in the region also continues to grow averagely at 5.4%.

Moreover, online retail sector across six key nations is expected to reach US$53 billion in 2023. This growth is supported by the high internet penetration rate, with 58% of the region's population are internet users and the region's internet economy that had reached US$100 billion by 2019.

Our expert team at Market Research Southeast Asia will help clients to seize the extensive opportunities in the regional market across different segment, including digitalisation, digital marketplace and wallet as well as social networking service.We are committed to guide them in anticipating changes of buyers' needs and winning the market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Southeast Asia Market Intelligence

We are capable in giving practical insights for our clients to help them anticipating changes in market demands and emergence of competitive threats.

Southeast Asia Market Entry

Considerable options are measured in reducing financial ambiguity for clients by mapping related informations on customers, channels, suppleris, competitors, and many more.

Southeast Asia Competitive Intelligence

We make comprehensive analysis on regional market competition and learn from best practices to avoid costly breaches by discovering competitors' blind spots and untapped opportunities in the market.

Southeast Asia Customer Intelligence

Our team will build thorough analysis to provide informations on customers' buying trends, behavior and demographics from their persona in giving strategic contribution to new products' creation.

Our Success Stories

Regional Expansion Strategy for a Global Flat Glass Manufacturer

Building the right strategy for a global flat glass manufacturer to expand business in the Southeast Asia region.


Our Success Stories

Diesel Oil Storage Terminal Feasibility Study & Market Assessment in Myanmar

Conducting feasibility study for Asian conglomerate to build diesel oil storage facility in Thilawa Port.



SPAC Investment Coming Towards Southeast Asian Tech Companies
Robust SPAC Investment Coming Towards Southeast Asian Tech Companies

Southeast Asia is rapidly becoming an attractive Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) investment destination.

South-east Asia’s Attempts in Bouncing Back on Track
South-east Asia’s Attempts in Bouncing Back on Track

Five of the most powerful nations in South-east Asia, namely Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, have stated their ambitious projection to recover their economic growth in the upcoming year.

Brunei COVID 19
Brunei’s Rigorous Step on COVID-19 Vaccination

The head of the Disease Control Division of Brunei's Ministry of Health, Justin Wong, has publicized the country's plan to vaccinate 70 percent of its population through three phases by the end of 2021.

Going Forward to Full Economic Rebound with COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts
Southeast Asia: Going Forward to Full Economic Rebound with COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts

After a significant crisis in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian Development Bank projected Southeast Asia would recover in 2021.

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