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Discover potential growth across residential, non-residential and infrastructure construction in the fast-growing Southeast Asian markets.

Southeast Asia Construction Consulting
SEA Construction and Infrastructure Consulting Company
The region is aiming for growth and transformation. Construction market in Southeast Asia is projected to reach the value of around US$2 billion by 2024, growing at 7% CAGR during 2018-2024. Furthermore, ADB also estimated that the region requires US$3.1 trillion in infrastructure investment throughout 2016-2030.

The significant growth is majorly driven by the adoption of digital technologies, innovative construction as well as million dollars of investment by the governments across the region to improve their digital economy.

Our team of construction advisory services at Market Research Southeast Asia covers regional growing market in a wide range of areas such as urban redevelopment, sustainable infrastructure, smart cities & buildings, green cities, digitalization in construction, HVAC, and many more. We have experiences in working with different players which provide us the capability to advise clients with the right know-how strategy.

Our Key Service Offerings

Southeast Asia Market Intelligence

We get our hands dirty in order to provide practical insights for our clients. Through our Southeast Asian market insights, clients will be guided to foresee the fast shift of market demand and emergence of new competitive challenges.

Southeast Market Entry

We consider some actionable choices as part of our efforts in reducing financial ambiguity for clients. This is done by providing relevant market informations, including competitors, customers, partners, suppliers, and many more.

Southeast Asia Competitive Intelligence

We implement 360 degree approach in analysing Southeast Asian market competition and get insights from best operations to avoid costly omissions. We make sure that clients will get unique advantage by discovering opportunities and room for growth in the market.

Southeast Asia Customer Intelligence

Our expert team will provide thorough analysis on customers' buying trends, demographics and behavior generated from their persona to give strategic contribution in developing new products.

Our Success Stories

Regional Expansion Strategy for a Global Flat Glass Manufacturer

Building the right strategy for a global flat glass manufacturer to expand business in the Southeast Asia region.


Our Success Stories

Diesel Oil Storage Terminal Feasibility Study & Market Assessment in Myanmar

Conducting feasibility study for Asian conglomerate to build diesel oil storage facility in Thilawa Port.



SEA’s Digital Consumers
Maximizing Success with SEA’s Digital Consumers

As the online economy and digital spending in SEA expand, what can businesses expect from the changes in consumer behaviors post-pandemic?

E-health in South-East Asia
Reimagining Healthcare Through E-health in South-East Asia

What is the current state of digital healthcare in SEA, and how can this be transformed to enable telemedicine to become a sustainable form of healthcare delivery?

Southeast Asian Market Outlook
The Current Southeast Asian Market Outlook

What are the emerging trends in Southeast Asia, and how can markets in the region continue to enjoy positive economic outlooks?

Automobility Development in Asia
Automobility Development in Asia

The fluid weather of Asia's automotive sector provides rich opportunities with diversified income streams.

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